Happy 2015

Happy 2015… and here are some new year short pieces for you to look at.
Julie Zhuo, who I don’t know, has a blog I just found but already love … here are two great posts that really speak to me, especially having spent so much time in startups and now at a big company: Start-ups versus Big Companies and also So You Think You Want to Manage?

My colleague and mentor-extraordinaire, Brad Feld, recently suggested: If You Want A Response, Ask Specific Questions. This is something I second very strongly to anyone approaching someone whose time they would like, but whose time is likely to be constrained (hint, hint – to folks approaching me in similar generic ways).

On Father’s Day: Lessons from my Daughters

For a Father’s Day blog series, I was asked by a friend to write about being the father of daughters… here it is: http://jwa.org/blog/lessons-from-my-daughters

Happy Father’s Day!

Birds singing, sun shining, wheels turning

I am so looking forward to starting riding again. Friends of mine cycle through the winter, and maybe cycling today, but I prefer roads free of snow banks, even when melting (prone to icing in the shade). Today is a foretaste of spring to come, and bike rides to enjoy.

Meanwhile, kudos to the town of Concord, MA for surveying non-residents as well as residents on pedestrian and cyclist access and safety. Take the survey!

Great Business Model Canvas introduction

Strategyzer and the Kauffman Foundation have created a great series of short YouTube videos about using the Business Model Canvas (about which I wrote an intro in Four Reasons for a Business Model).

The example presented is for a consumer oriented business, but this tool is incredibly powerful for all kinds of endeavors – new companies, new ideas in old companies, non-profits and more.

Here are the links to the six-episode series – each only 3 or 4 minutes.

  1. Getting From Business Idea to Business Model
  2. Visualizing Your Business Model
  3. Prototyping
  4. Navigating Your Environment
  5. Proving It
  6. Telling Your Story