Consumerisation of Health Care

I recently featured in a corporate video about the consumerisation of health care. I appear in the last minute or so (only a two minute video).

I think it provides an interesting flavor of some of the thought leadership at Optum (I work for OptumLabs, and Optum subsidiary), and some insight into major themes in healthcare today.

The backstory is that I spent some time being made up for a corporate video shoot a few months ago. 

The make-up took a few minutes, and then they interviewed me for an hour or two.

From that, they suggested some of the footage might be included in a corporate video.

The next thing I hear, a friend Moshe Cohen noticed the following on CNN Politics (phone screen shot). Thanks, Moshe!

Looking at UK and US Healthcare Systems

Here is a guest post I wrote for Healthblawg's 10th anniversary (with thanks to David Harlow for inviting me to contribute): US and UK Health Systems - Not So Different?

Happy 2015

Happy 2015… and here are some new year short pieces for you to look at.
Julie Zhuo, who I don’t know, has a blog I just found but already love … here are two great posts that really speak to me, especially having spent so much time in startups and now at a big company: Start-ups versus Big Companies and also So You Think You Want to Manage?

My colleague and mentor-extraordinaire, Brad Feld, recently suggested: If You Want A Response, Ask Specific Questions. This is something I second very strongly to anyone approaching someone whose time they would like, but whose time is likely to be constrained (hint, hint – to folks approaching me in similar generic ways).

On Father’s Day: Lessons from my Daughters

For a Father’s Day blog series, I was asked by a friend to write about being the father of daughters… here it is:

Happy Father’s Day!