Blogosphere and Realosphere

The blogosphere (think "world of blogs") does interconnect with the real world (realosphere?) from time to time.

For example, Matt Volpi commented on a recent posting of mine. He is obviously in the tech community (based on his blog comment) and as I followed his line of thought (and checked his profile), I found he is also a Newton resident. As a result, he and I got together for coffee yesterday morning and discovered several other connections we have in common. I know this is common for prolific and well-known bloggers (think Brad Feld), but it is nice to know it works in the niches of the blogosphere as well.

Pure intra-blogosphere synchronicity also comes up (probably more often). Paul Levy (CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center) writes an excellent blog and today I found the latest posting to be about Allegra Goodman's recent book Intuition. Those of you who know me or have read my blogger profile know I am a big fan of Allegra's writing. We are also lucky to count Allegra and her family as our friends (so there is a small realosphere component to this as well, I suppose).

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