Don't Panic...

I did get out for a ride on Sunday (feels so long ago now)... but first I had to deal with a flat rear tube that had magically appeared since my previous outing. This was no small thing for someone who has only once before had to deal with a flat on my own. The fact it was on the rear wheel was an extra hassle, because of navigating the derailleur mechanism when removing and replacing the wheel.

However, with "Don't Panic..." ringing in my ear (thank you Peter Jones), I happily set about my task, and was able to get going after just a few minutes (well maybe 20). Luckily this all happened at home so I had my trusty stand pump (much easier to get to 120 psi than with my road pump).

I was only planning a short ride and happily went out to Weston and back (about 15 miles), enjoying my sense of mechanical (pneumatic?) mastery, and the fun of cycling in the fall.

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