Facebook vs everything

I subscribed to my Facebook minifeed using the RSS option. This means my Facebook friends' updates come to me (I don't have to check my Facebook page). However, I do visit Facebook once or twice a day and update my own status, and I sometimes use my cell phone to do this as well.

I have noticed I am blogging just a little less at the moment. Is this because my publicity itch is being partially scratched by publishing my Facebook status? Perhaps not ... perhaps it is because I still haven't found my exercise rhythm in the winter, and this is, after all, a blog about Venture Cycling.

I previously posted on Facebook vs LinkedIn. Rumor may or may not have it that Facebook may buy Plaxo, which is kind of mind-bending. However, Jeff Pulver also just posted that he is moving slowly away from regular email and towards Facebook messages.

All in all, Facebook has the potential to be the big black hole of the internet - sucking everything in its neighborhood into its giant gravity field... or perhaps it will feel like Hotel California: "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".

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