Back on the chain gang

I got my bike its annual tune up last week at Wheelworks. I mentioned my gears were slipping but they don't seem to have fixed this yet. I am wondering whether I just need to get a new chain (like last time). Yes, I measured the chain, as did the mechanic, and it seems fine. Since it is three times longer than a chain on an upright bike, the individual links only get hit with the stress of the cogs a third as much (which means you get three times the life out of it). I have ridden about 1500 miles on this chain which should be good, therefore, for at least another thousand. However it is a cheap fix and one I may pursue.

It was about this time last year Lee Goldfinch first got a mention on this blog ... and how times have changed! Lee is now a very strong cyclist and out ahead of all of us when he wants to be. He has become a regular member of the riding group and it is great to find a shared pastime brings such pleasure and such opportunity for strengthening friendships. We were chatting yesterday, and I found myself thinking of Bob Dylan songs that speak to cycling... here goes (and please add yours in the comments):
  • How many hills must a man climb up, before he knows he's a man?
  • The [traffic] lights, they are a changin'
  • Lay lady lay [I'm a recumbent rider, remember!]

Oh yes, and thanks to The Pretenders for the title of this post.

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