Hazon hits the headlines

Right now the front page of the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency - a news service for the Jewish world), has two top-of-page stories from Hazon's 2008 Food Conference which was held on the last weekend of 2008 in Northern California. The two stories (for when more pressing news pushes onto the front page) are The Jewish Food Movement Comes of Age, and What Kind of Meat do Jewish Activists Eat?

I am very proud of my association with Hazon, as regular readers know, and see from the press and the twitterverse, that Hazon continues to bring light and energy to important issues. As one of our previous board members said, Hazon puts the Jewish community on the right side of a big issue. What a great way to end 2008, despite the many other awful news stories in the Jewish world right now. And what better way to think about what we can do in 2009. Let's try to be on the right side of other big issues, too.

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