What about Dweebs?

John Halamka’s recent post Geeks, Dorks and Nerds missed out the fourth scooter-rider of the apocalypse: Dweebs.

The folks at Techstars Boston have a grainy photocopy of this image on the wall, and so when I saw John’s posting (I especially like the video he references), I realized I had to post this taxonomy to support the Dweebs among us.


The tech industry is full of people with these characteristics, and perhaps these are key ingredients in technical or entrepreneurial success.

When searching on Google, it appears difficult to find the original source of this diagram … but I welcome someone finding the original source to attribute (just add a comment).  


Gregg Stern said...

I had not realized that one cannot be a geek and a nerd simultaneously!

M. Vidyasagar said...

Hello Richard,

In the Internet world no one can confidently claim that a particular URL is the "original" source, but I did find the following URL that contains the Venn diagram and also does not show any antecedents.

Best wishes.