Cyclists’ no fly zone

I had another great bike ride with friends on Sunday morning. I noticed that the little flying insects are out along various marshy and low lying parts of our route.

After one short pit stop I was glad to get over 5mph so the flies could not keep up. I soon found myself on a sweeping downhill and building speed nicely. However, I noticed at those speeds I was getting hit in the face by the flies I had been swatting away when still (no windshield on most bikes apart from rare exceptions).

I realized I had experienced both ends of the no fly zone: below 5mph the flies buzz around in their annoying fashion, and above 20mph they can’t get out of my way in time (hint, keep mouth shut at speed!).

Cyclists “no fly” zone: 5-20mph.

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Gregg Stern said...

Its OK to eat some bugs.
Many of them are kosher!