Why Google should buy RIM

Google should buy RIM, makers of Blackberry smart phones, and this is why.

Everyone who uses Blackberry phones loves the physical form factor, especially the keyboard, and this means the phones are great for email. The famous security adds to this, and makes enterprises and even governments happy (or unhappy, if they like eavesdropping). People also love BBM (Blackberry Messaging service).

However, that's it. Everyone hates the Blackberry browser, the other apps, the integration etc. In my view (and not only in my view I think) RIM is on a slow decline, despite their new tablet and touchscreen phones.

Google is looking to extend its platform to everywhere. Put the two together, and you have a great combination.

Google could get the patent portfolio to allow them to use (or better, out-license) that great keyboard, instead of the crappy one on, say, the Motorola Droid slide-outs. Google could even choose to spin off the hardware altogether to a handset manufacturer (HTC?), to reap the benefits of getting Android onto the platform but avoid competing with their channel.

Google could leverage the intense loyalty of BBM across it's entire messaging line, adding to Gmail chat, etc. Google could add the great enterprise security that Blackberry has. The BB phones would probably enhance the relationships Google has with the mobile carriers, although I am not sure how important that really is. Google would be able to put Android on the BB platform which would make current BB phone users very, very happy.

That's it... Any comments?

Update: Check out a TechCrunch post that points in this same direction (or certainly points out BBM is in for a steeper decline), punchline New BBM feature: f**ked.


Aditya said...

Definitely love the idea, also both pplatforms are Java based - so theoretically it should be possible! Not sure if Google would want to be in the mobile hardware business though... aren't they ultimately after mobile search revenue?

Jim said...

Simple and as the Guinness add states: Brilliant!

Unknown said...

$GOOG just lost out on the Nortel patents for which it made an opening bid of $900M - all the more motivation to buy $RIMM which just paid ~$750M to join Sony, EMC, Ericsson, Apple and Microsoft in a joint $4.5B purchase of Nortel's IP.

capitalistic said...

Great idea. Google can buy RIM and keep RIM "separate". Not all integration is good for business. My guess is that a PE firm will buy RIM.
Although in hindsight, RIM should have bought Nokia two years ago...