Rebecca Dale

Rebecca Dale, dear lovely, loving and loved wife of my broken-hearted brother Andy, and mother of their two wonderful children, died early Saturday morning.

This time last week I arrived in Berkeley, CA to support my brother Andy and his two children. It was the birthday of Rebecca, Andy's wife of 17 years. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Rebecca passed peacefully and gently from this world, lying in her bed at home, with her family present, after what she called her ten year dance with cancer.
Rebecca's funeral was on Tuesday. Her car was there (worth a peek).

Rebecca taught us all how to live better, to love better, to give everything, to giggle harder, to listen better, to die without fear.

Goodbye Rebecca: Love, Love.


stefanoq said...

Lovely post, Richard. Sorry for your loss.

Abraham said...

Richard: I'm very sorry for your loss.

Harry said...

I rode with Andy a couple of years at Lake Tahoe, and met Rebecca and the kids at the celebration afterwards. Wonderful people, and I am so sorry for your, and their loss. My heart goes out to you all.