White Rabbits

I grew up with my mother's superstition that the first thing you should say on the first of a month is "White Rabbits". My mum got it from her mum ... I see from the internet that its origins are obscure. However, every time I say it I get to think about my mum who lives in London, and my dear grandma who died in 1989 and whom I still miss.

I did manage to remember to say "White Rabbits" yesterday morning when I woke up, and here I am saying it first on the blog in 2007.

The reason for the recent quiet on the blog is having been in London for 10 days with family ... lots of fun (plus a fair amount of fog, mist, rain etc). The highlight of the trip was a day in London with Hannah ... here we are at the top of the London Eye.

This is the time of year for predictions ... I predict one dozen white rabbits, of which one has already been spotted.

Happy 2007 to all.

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