Billion Dollar Strawberries: Redux

After my recent post on Billion Dollar Strawberries I got two great replies from friends.

Beth Polasky reported that "We had delicious organic strawberries from Trader Joes earlier this week. They are a splurge, but unlike other organic strawberries I’ve had – they were very good." Word to the wise - check out Trader Joes.

Gregg Stern asked me, "How unhealthful are the pesticides that are on the conventional strawberries?"

It turns out that WebMD, the most conventional of conventional wisdom sites on medical issues says that:
  1. pesticides are bad for you and even more so for your kids
  2. you can measure pesiticide residue in urine
  3. eating organic reduces pesticide exposure (as measured)

By the way, what does "redux" mean: Brought back; returned (thanks,

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