Springs and Cogs

It is not yet Spring (nearly, the calendar tells me), and the snow still lies white on the ground, but I had my first cycling dream of the season and, no, I did not fall off. I am getting excited to live the cycling part of Venture Cycling again.

I actually put on most of my cycling gear recently - my costume for Purim (known, in short, as the Jewish version of Halloween).

One reason for my cycloptimism (that's cycling optimism, not one eyed optimism) is that, despite the snow, you can feel the Spring is coming, and I am starting to think about a checklist for getting riding again:
  1. Cycling safety classes for Hannah and me
  2. Make sure the tires/wheels on the bikes are all in good shape
  3. Check Hannah's bike - did we finish the season with it still giving her problems in low gears?
  4. Try to remember which Power Bars I liked
Another reason for this feeling of impending cycling is that I am now signed up for the 2007 Hazon NY Jewish Environmental Bike Ride, as is Hannah. This is happening over Labor Day weekend. If you are in the Boston area you are invited to a no obligation information session about the ride, next week (Monday 3/26, 7pm). Contact me (richard@sigmapartners.com) for details.

Happy riding!

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