889 miles

So far this year, my trusty GPS tells me I have bicycled 889 miles.

Before today I had ridden 40 miles less - or, in a less convoluted report, I rode 40 miles this morning, with my good friend Guy. We rode our usual Weston-Lincoln-Concord route. The outdoor thermometer registered 44 when we started, so I bundled up with lots of layers and had a wonderful ride. We had sunshine and blue sky, and it even warmed up ever so slightly during the morning. Guy was cold enough to share some hot chocolate at our halfway point (Dunkin Donuts at 9 Acres Corner). As usual, Guy was a very kind pace-setter - out in front most of the time, but always happy to stop and wait for me after long up-hills. We rode a slower pace than we had previously achieved, and some of that must have been due to the wind which was stronger (and more oppositional) than usual for this route.

Only three more of these and I will break the 1000 mile mark for the year. Expect a blog posting reporting this milestone in November, assuming the weather holds up!

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