Lifestyle 3.0

I overheard someone today, telling everyone that he is getting his genome sequenced and that he will be storing it in his PHR (personal health record). It will be a while before this is available to most of us, and even longer before this will be useful. However this set off a stream of thought...

Lifestyle 1.0: "The network is the computer" (thanks, Sun Microsystems)
  • I have a personal website
  • I own my own domain
  • I have a network of PCs at home
  • I can upload my photos to the internet

Lifestyle 2.0: "Where do you want to go today?" (thanks, Microsoft)

  • I have a flikr stream
  • I know what a widget is
  • I have a Facebook (or Myspace) profile with 15 widgets
  • I have my own blog with 31 widgets

Lifestyle 3.0:

  • My photos appear automatically on a photo-frame half-way across the world
  • I have an i-name
  • I have a PHR (personal health record)
  • I'm getting my genome sequenced and putting it in my PHR

With this posting I posit my own definition of "3.0"-ness...

Lifestyle 3.0: "I am the center of the internet."

This seems a little flippant (hence the whimsy tag), but it is also a serious point. All the work of creating the infrastructure for the 1.0 world (the start of the internet), combined with the 2.0 world of user content and mash-ups is now heading towards the 3.0 world. In the 3.0 world information starts to come alive and be organized around us.

There are two angles to this

  1. More and more of the interesting and useful information about me is now organized electronically
  2. Tools exist for that interesting and useful information about me to be accessed and used by me in exactly the way I want, by the people I want to use it, in ways I desire and allow.

The end result is that to each and every one of us, it looks like we are, indeed, the center of the internet.

Paraphrasing Carly Simon: I'm so vain, I probably think this internet is about me.


Gregg S said...

An impressive post... humorous and thought provoking...

Simon Lin, MD said...

Great Thoughts, Richard!

I reflect more on the driving force of the evolution from lifestyle 1.0 to lifestyle 3.0 at my Retail Genomics blog.


startupcfo said...


Great post delivered with your usual serving of dry British humour. Good stuff.