Not the Spice Girls

Dorit and I did not go and see the Spice Girls on Wednesday evening when they were in Boston for one night. Our daughter, Hannah, went with a friend and had a great time. When we picked them up we noticed that 90% of the audience were white 15 year-old girls!

Dorit and I did go out on Wednsday. We went to see The Misanthrope, put on by the New Rep local theater group. It was a light and frivolous offering (their words, and I agree), but most enjoyable. A misanthrope (one who hates all humanity) is in love his own rages and with a young socialite who is in love with gossip. He is hated for finding all the faults in people to their faces and she is loved for describing all the faults in people behind their backs... of course, when her friends each hear her words about them (from the others), they are shocked, shocked, shocked.

One of the actors was also in Misalliance which we saw in the summer. It is nice to be enough of a regular theatre goer to start to recognise the local actors from one production to the next.

It is playing for another 10 days, and I bet there are tickets for most of the performances. Go, enjoy!

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