Slow biking

Slow food is supposed to be a virtue (the opposite of fast food)... so perhaps a slow start to the cycling season is not too terrible. I got out just once last week for a nine-mile ride on the Carriage Lane in Newton. I may, in fact, be ahead of last year at this time, but I am not feeling patient with myself and am feeling out of shape and looking forward to more regular riding. I have been on a new exercise regimen recently (thanks to Adam Poock) and am developing some strength in my hips, core and shoulders. I am hoping the hips and core work will pay off with better hill-climbing, but the first couple of outings this year have been overshadowed by lower general stamina than I remember from the end of last summer. Oh well!

My bike chain seems to have survived its cleaning however, although my trusty Garmin Edge 305 did not keep its charge last week... however it recharged for a long time so I hope it is back to good behaviour on my next outing.

A couple of new friends have signed up for the 2008 New York Hazon ride ... please take a look and consider doing so yourself. I am happy to answer any questions - just leave a comment or send me an email.

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Gregg Stern said...

I remember Adam from the JCDS Shabbaton last year (June '07). He is the teacher of the Altman-Sagans and the Sinclairs. I hope that his program is helpful in getting you going this season.

Shabbat shalom.