Kosher Starbucks

I had an interesting meeting this morning with Jill Smith who is doing some research into the sociology of "eco-kosher" (see: good coverage of this topic in Wikipedia). As always such meetings were as much fun for the interviewee (me) as the interviewer, and I came away with one new nugget of information ... a reference to the Kosher Starbucks website... who knew the Caramel Sauce was such a problem?


Jill said...

Thanks again for the interview! You know, I am not sure if I am willing to give up caramel macchiatos! We'll see.

Klugy said...

I just came across this... i know its old. On the current version of the kosher starbucks site the caramel sauce is kosher if your on the "kosher by ingredients list" which is good enough for me!