Sunday Brunch

I think I may make a habit out of a Sunday morning brunch posting (especially now it is too cold to bike here in Boston). Like my Sunday morning cornucopia of a few weeks ago, here is a smorgasbord to catch up on items of note.

Many of you know one of my favorite (food related) sayings is "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first", and so we start brunch today with this excellent looking, geek inspired, dessert.

Told you so...
On July 10 I wrote about Facebook third party apps, suggesting Facebook should charge app developers. Later that month, Facebook announced their Application Verification process, with a charge of $375 per year. It just rolled out this week. (Another scoop for your intrepid correspondent.)

Startup Survival...
Lists, and lists of lists (or, lists and lists, of lists)

The end is nigh... (?)
I happen to disagree with almost everything that is said on "The Funded", but I did happen to wonder about this data contending that the VC model is broken (click on picture to get to Techcrunch report).

And to finish off today's brunch, from the incomparable XKCD...

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