Biking, happiness and bones

I had another great ride this morning ... we are getting back into our Sunday morning routine. We rode 26 miles (not the Boston Marathon route, although that is prepared for tomorrow); we rode out to the Campion Center (and then down and back to double the hill quotient) before heading home. The weather was perfect for a ride and I am enjoying feeling stronger this year than last. I was telling one ride buddy that I wanted to feel better each year (more than negating the effects of age)... better in what way she asked? Good question... then she supplied the answer. Happier? she asked ... And yes, that's it. Thanks Elisa.

If I feel happier on my bike each year then I will be thrilled. I don't have to be faster, stronger, bike further (although those would be great, and so far that is the pattern). What will drive that happiness? Who knows! ... but I find myself more and more impressed with the "pursuit of happiness" clause ... those founding fathers knew what they were writing. Perhaps they were cyclists too, pursuing happiness on two wheels as well as in other areas of their lives.

Even a flat tire doesn't deflate cycling happiness. Two of my ride buddies helped me when I got a flat almost at the end of the ride (thanks Mark, Guy). Such events no longer fill me with dread, but is always nice to have help. Mark also sent me this link to an LA Times story noting that cycling's low-impact nature isn't conducive to building strong bones. Adding high-impact exercises can ease the risks of injury (especially breaks). Thanks to my work with Adam Poock, I am feeling that I am paying attention (and doing some hard work) in that direction as well.

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