Food for Passover

We are in the middle of the Passover week, and are reminded of that at every meal and every time we open the fridge or the pantry. The theme of Passover is the Children of Israel's Exodus from Egypt and freedom... the reality of Passover is the food is way different!

Enjoy these 10 videos about Passover, including this one below which is fabulous.

For those chocolate lovers allergic to soy lecithin, rejoice in the fact that this additive is one of the foods not eaten at Passover and check out the selection of Passover chocolates ... many are soy lecithin free. Also the Passover Nesquik only has chocolate and sugar (all those other additives are banned) ... this is the hidden story for Passover - many chocolate foods have much simpler ingredient lists when formulated for Passover. Oh, and corn syrup is also banned - so Passover sodas are sugar based, with no high-fructose corn syrup ... more good news.

And now, relish the great news that chocolate makes your brain smarter (I knew it all along).

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