15 minutes of fame … in Denmark

A few months ago I was invited to be interviewed about big data by Anders Høeg Nissen of the Danish Broadcasting Corp when he was visiting Boston. Anders is the presenter of Harddisken, a weekly hour-long program about technology, which first started broadcasting in 1994.

Earlier today, his program on big data was broadcast, and I already received one email from someone who heard the show (I am duly flattered). This week’s web cover page is online here, in Danish, but if you have Chrome or another similar browser you should be able to get Google to translate the blurb for you.

The podcast of the broadcast is available in Danish, and the segment that includes some of the interview with me (speaking English, please!) runs from 12:50 – 19:27. There is more Danish than English, so feel free to skip that. In fact, as I now ponder that my 15 minutes of fame happened in Danish, I can wryly hope that about England’s “crush” on Danish TV might perhaps extend to radio. (See the recent article in the New Yorker - subscription needed for full article.)

Tak og farvel.

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