From a Bike to a Chair

On September 1st, at the beginning of the Hazon New York Ride, it was announced I had been elected as Chair of the Hazon Board of Directors. It turns out I am the first Chair, since the board has been operating without one since its inception.

I am thrilled to take my participation in this organization to the next level. I think Hazon has a great deal to offer the Jewish people and the world. One of Hazon's slogans is "Jews on Bikes ... and you don't have to be Jewish". Jews and non-Jews interested in the work of Hazon should feel free to contact me (see below).
As Hazon's new chair, I am the lucky one able to work with an organization that is recognized for its leadership, its vision, its contribution. I am able to participate in an important and exciting thread of the ongoing story of the Jewish People.

At the Ride Shabbaton (retreat) I was given the opportunity to share some thoughts about the journey that brought me to this new role for me and for Hazon, and my thoughts for the context of our work. The quotes on this page are from this talk. It is now available to read on the Hazon website (with my Hazon email address at the bottom of the transcript).
The word Hazon means Vision, and my personal vision is of a Jewish People turning from a relationship with the physical world that is unsustainable, which sooner or later must collapse, to a relationship with the physical world that is uplifted through a spirituality and morality to something that is good for the land and so brings out the best of the land.

While you can, and if you haven't, please go ahead and sponsor Hannah or me for the Hazon 2006 New York Bike ride.

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