Hub on Wheels

I rode 25 miles with Hannah this morning ... we did Hub on Wheels, the Boston City bike ride supporting the The Boston Digital Bridge Foundation (technology for underserved schools).

The ride was fabulous - starting off with a couple of miles on a closed off Storrow Drive, and taking us round many neighborhoods, parks and byways. Highlights: Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum, Forest Hills Cemetery, Harborside bike path, JFK Library, Carson Beach and just riding in Boston, with my favorite 14 year old, on a beautiful fall day. What a treat.

We both felt nostalgia for the Hazon ride of only three weeks ago ... mainly because the community atmosphere built up over the shabbaton was much more intense there. However, riding in Boston with 5,000 other riders was just great. We look forward to doing it again in future years.

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Gregg Stern said...

Looks like a great route!

I did Cambridge-Carlisle early yesterday morning. Also a pleasure.

However, I'm down on the Minuteman Bikeway part of this route at the moment.

Its just too crowded.....