Solo 40

As you know from yesterday's posting, my good friend Guy rode a century yesterday - mostly in the pouring rain - and so I did not have my regular Sunday morning ride partner today.

Thus, I took off this morning to do my 40 mile loop through Weston, Lincoln, Concord and Sudbury on my own for the first time. As I feared, I got to a couple of intersections and was completely blank as to which way to go. I actually called friends who knew the route so they could keep me on track. Mark Leiter commented rightly that you only "get" a route when you are lead rider (on a bike) or the driver (in a car). Being a passenger or a follower is fun, but you just don't learn the route.

The morning was cool - around 52 - when I started, and only got into the 60's by the time I was done at the end of the morning. However, the sun was out and it was beautiful riding weather. I had a marvellous time. I could not help thinking how much I owe Hazon, and it's founder Nigel Savage, for getting me on a bike. This has been a wonderful addition to my life both in terms of well-being and as an avenue for friendships with other riders.

This is the time of year in the Jewish calendar for reflecting, for returning to our best selves. Last year I commented on the cycles of the year and the word play it invites for a venture cyclist. This year I am proud that being my best self includes many things (husband, father, son, brother, friend, Newtonite, Americanizing-Brit, Jew, venture capitalist, non-profit board member) and now includes being a cyclist.

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Gregg said...


You appear to have attained the state of cyclist bliss.

Hold onto that feeling!