Doctor or Farmer

Today I rode 41 miles with Guy Sapirstein and Lee Goldfinch ... we did our "standard" route out through Weston and Lincoln to Concord and back. It was a glorious ride on a beautiful spring morning. We made amazing time; my moving average speed was 13.8mph, pretty much as fast as I have ever cycled that route ... and today was my first 40-miler of the year, so I feel great.

At the Dunkin' Donuts at our half way point I met a the daughter of a friend who has been working at Drumlin Farm over the last few months, having decided to take some time away from medical school.

I was struck that, despite Jewish parental instincts, this is not a crazy career move right now (without commenting on this particular person's long-term plans).

Health care is in crisis right now. That exact phrase garners nearly 5,000 entries from Google and without the quote-marks it gets millions! Being a doctor is no longer a sure way to a big income, professional frustrations are many, and the entire US health care system always seems on the brink of seizing up entirely.

On the other hand, food prices are suddenly on the upswing, and farming can now include non-food products as well: from bio-fuels to bio-tech drugs. Whether participating in industrial agriculture or in local, organic farming, farmers are doing better now than they have for years.

"My son or daughter, the farmer" may no longer be a lament.

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