Did it really happen?

Sad to say, when I turned on my Garmin Edge 305 GPS this morning it complained it had no charge in it. Since I charge it after every ride I know this is a sign of its age (and not mine). However, the question is whether, if I go out on my bike without my 305 recording the data, did it really happen?

Of course it did... and the experience of cycling is very real with or without the electronic note-taker. However, once back in my air-conditioned home, perhaps a few days later, can I really be sure that my memory is correct? Luckily the "Training Center" software allows me to enter rides manually (even though it doesn't show the track, the speed and the heart rate data).

This morning I rode just 15 miles because I had to be back in time for a complicated carpool switch off with Dorit. However, it was strenuous enough in the 80 degrees and humidity we are experiencing right now. Guy rode to the half way point with me and then took to complete a 30 or 40 mile loop ... I may not be too jealous of him today given the heat. I think I made reasonable time -- but without that 305 data, how do I know?

At about mile 10, friend Paul Gompers steamed past me on his triathlon bike... I am instantly recognisable on my recumbent with my Hazon jersey, so he yelled out "hi Richard" and disappeared into the haze ahead of me. I have a feeling he was towards the end of a longer ride, having already swum, and perhaps still planning to run.

Paul is the epitome of an iron-man... I on the other hand, am made of chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

47 hot, muggy miles and 3:16 hours later... I made it home, not before experiencing thigh cramps at 45 miles... Some potassium laced liquid cured that inconvenience.
Probably not the smartest thing I've done...