Drinks for bikes

What do bikes drink? At the recommendation of Scott Chamberlain at Wheelworks, mine drinks T9 bike lube from Boeshield. After cleaning my chain for the first time earlier this year, I decided to lube regularly (didn't do so for the last two years ... hmm). So far the T9 seems to be great, but what do I know? Of course, I will report on any interesting artifacts of actually keeping my bike in shape more proactively. Watch, as they say, this space.

More importantly, what does a cyclist drink? I mostly drink water on rides, but know I need to keep my electrolytes up. I tried OJ and other fruit juices but even diluted those are a little acidic. I thought I would try some of the sports drinks available at Whole Foods locally. Here is the first of my reviews - this one of Function Shock Sports Lemon-Lime Calamansi.

My first impression was of the lemon lime flavor ... not unpleasant. However it was quickly superseded by the slightly salty, mineral taste of what, electrolyte drinks, swimming pool water? It sat fine in my system (no burps or feeling of acid), and was drinkable, but was not a pleasant experience. I think a FIVE out of a possible 10 for this one. Watch out for future reviews over the next weeks.


Gregg Stern said...

Did they have any T9 at Ata Cycle in Cambridge?

Did you have to try Ace Wheelworks Somerville?

Richard Dale said...

Gregg ... couldn't find it locally ... so I bought it online at Amazon (the link in the blog actually).