Killer Hills

I am back from my third annual Hazon NY Jewish Environmental Bike Ride. This year the routes on both days were very hilly. The route briefing on Saturday night for the Sunday route included the term "killer hills" ... and this is from an organization that likes to put a positive spin on everything.

Here is the elevation chart. The not-so-killer hills at 30 miles were before lunch ... I made it up those (thanks Elisa!)... after lunch, around 40 miles, I walked most of the "killer" hill (thanks Hannah!).

Unfortunately I was fighting a bug and after more-or-less successfully completing day one, and eating and drinking enough (I thought) I ended up completely exhausted. I woke up "wobbly" on day two and decided I should not ride. This was probably the right approach (day two was pretty hilly too!), as it has taken me another few days to shake whatever virus I was fighting.

Hannah rode much of the day two route with Elisa, Nigel and Sammy and got to enjoy the spectacular experience of cycling into Manhattan over the GW Bridge. I look forward to that myself in future years.

Despite the bug, I had an amazing time riding with many good friends whose appetite to try something new, and have fun doing it, is an inspiration. Thanks to all of you - you know who you are!

Many thanks also to those of you who sponsored me. I am getting close to my $10,000 goal and the fundraising remains open for a few more weeks ... please consider a donation to support Hazon's amazing work.

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