Recumbent riders do it lying down

Today on my regular 40 mile Sunday ride (fastest of the season), new riding pal Josh Elkin commented on the very comfortable seat on my recumbent bike. This reminded me that a couple of months ago the lovely EcoVelo blog posted a very worthwhile piece about Seats and Saddles.

For those who care to think about this for a moment, my recumbent bike seat allows me to sit on my sitting bones ... what does your upright bike ask you to sit on (especially guys!)? I also get to hold my arms and neck in a neutral position... unlike those racing bikes.

Yes, I am slower on the hills ... I can't move my weight forward (or stand up) on the pedals for those arduous grades... but that is something I am prepared to manage, and I certainly am more aerodynamic on the downhills and even the flats.

With all that said, if you are not happy with your bike saddle, or think you could be happier, you don't have to get a recumbent, although I am happy to encourage you in that direction. Check out that Seats and Saddles article ... you may find some of its suggestions useful.

Happy riding!

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David Harlow said...

Check out the "Real Man" saddle promoted by the late Sheldon Brown: (OK, it was one of his April Fools Day products . . . .)

I'm still considering getting bent, as they say, due to other sorts of pain.