Chain of Events

Still suffering somewhat in 5th gear, I have been conversing regularly with Scott at Wheelworks. He wondered if my gear changing technique was correct. I wonder that as well. The evidence that it is fine would be the fact that I only suffer these problems in one gear, not the other eight. He then wondered whether this happened in all of the chain rings (the front 3-gear cassette) or just one. I tested that question and found the same problems in 5th gear for each of the three chain rings.

A day or two later Scott called me and said he had woken up in the middle of the night thinking it might be the chain. I will be bringing my bike back in sometime soon to see if replacing the chain fixes the problem ... Ideally I will have Scott come out for a ride with me to see if he can observe the phenomenon in vivo.

In a second chain of events, Dorit's grandmother passed away earlier this week. Dorit and Hannah are, as I write, flying home from the funeral in Glasgow which was yesterday. Their trip to Glasgow meant that my business trip to New York was cancelled (so I could be around for Asher and Rina). This meant that I had the chance to get out for a bike ride yesterday in the beautiful fall weather, which would otherwise not have happened.

Of course, all this threw me off my blogging rhythm. If a blog post doesn't fall in the woods...?


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