Jewish Social Action Month

We are now in the Hebrew month of Cheshvan – between the many fall holidays of Tishrei and the flickering lights of Chanukah in Kislev. Cheshvan has no holidays, and so has been called Mar Cheshvan by tradition, meaning the bitter month of Cheshvan. We read the story of Noah during Cheshvan, and it was during this month that the great destructive rains began to flood the world. However, an organization called Kol Dor (which translates as both “Voice of the Generation” and “Every Generation”) has recreated Cheshvan as Jewish Social Action month, now in its second year.

Jewish Social Action Month calls on Jews and the Jewish people to look beyond our own community at what needs fixing in the world, to look at these contemporary issues through a Jewish lens, to engage with a regard for what unites us, to get on the right side of these issues and to do something about them.

Please share the urgency of being involved in social action with your communities whenever you can.

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