On the road to Damascus

My good friend Jason Glasgow took me up on an invitation to go out on a morning bike ride on Monday (Columbus day). The traffic was light, and we went from Newton Centre out to Weston almost to Lincoln and then came back on a parallel track, covering over 22 miles in all. Jason was a great guide ... Thanks, Jason!

It was a glorious, glorious morning. The air was fresh and crisp, the sun was shining and some of the roads had been recently repaved. What more could a venture cyclist ask for? Although I am not as fit or as young as Jason, I felt like I didn't hold him back too much (I hope to do something about one of those distinctions). Going uphill, I managed to keep up better on the second half of the trip ... I seem to warm up over the first 45 minutes or so (or perhaps after the first good climb). On the downhills, the extra weight and better aerodynamics of my recumbent meant that I was faster than Jason, with less pedalling on my part.

Jason saw my 5th gear problem first hand. Many seconds after shifting up into 5th, the chain would slip up and down, seemingly for no good reason. Oh, well, Wheelworks will keep trying.

As we completed the climb up one of the more challenging hills, we stopped in the driveway of the Campion Jesuit Center in Weston. I noted that some of the more colorful language a cyclist might use to describe how out-of-breath they feel right at that location could be considered a religious plea by a charitable Jesuit who overheard, or perhaps an epiphany.

I have no plans to cycle to Damascus.


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