Think globally, think locally

Dear Newton Community Farm CSA members,

Its been an interesting year, weather wise, to start a farm. But we've made a pretty good go of it, I think. I hope you do too. Thank you for supporting the farm in our inaugural season. I couldn't have done so much without all of your help.

I'm writing to let you know that the pick ups for [this week] will be the last pick ups for the 2006 season. We've been hard hit by frosts so things are winding down quickly for the farm. Our fields are low and surrounded by the large berm, so we get frosts even when no one else does.

This is the beginning of an email sent out today from Greg Maslowe, the farm manager at our CSA program at the Newton Community Farm. I am struck by how truly local food can be. Greg starts by reminding us of the spring and summer rains (and rains) under which the first season floated into existence. He then reminds us of the micro-topography of the farm, at a low point in the surrounding landscape. Just like heat rises, cold air falls, which is why being at a low point, surrounded by rising slopes and a berm, the cold, frosty air falls into the farm fields and has nowhere else to roll down. This is a true microclimate laid bare.

Sometimes, environment is global, but it can also be really local.

The food from our CSA has been amazing this year. If you are have not considered enrolling in one before, I recommend you do so for next year.

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