Fifth month, fifth gear, fifth century

My good friend, Jason Glasgow, and I went out for a lovely bike ride this afternoon. We covered the ground from Newton to Weston and back, a 22 mile loop in total. The last two or three rides I have taken have all made me think "this may be the last ride before the winter sets in", and yet we have been lucky enough to be riding today at the end of November.

Today is a day of fives ... all good.

I have been riding now for five months (I bought my bike on July 3rd).

Today was the second long trip with the new chain on the bike, and despite my initial skepticism it does appear to have solved my problem with fifth gear.

Also, the 22 miles I rode today makes my total riding for 2006 just over500 miles (five centuries)!

If today is to be the last ride for 2006, I have five reasons to feel great about it (the other two are more general: how I feel fitter, and my involvement with Hazon).


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