It's a bike!

I am now the proud owner of a recumbent bicycle. To be more precise, I am the proud owner of a Bacchetta Strada. Each Bacchetta recumbent model has its own color, and Stradas are red, so (echoes of Henry Ford), mine is red.

Here is proof I can actually ride it.

After the photo session when I got home (and after I put my helmet on, don't worry), I rode up and down the carriage lane on Commonwealth Ave (part of the Boston Marathon's famed Heartbreak Hill). I am still about two for three on starting from a stop, with particular comedy if I am heading uphill.

I rode for 15 minutes or so, trying to get the hang of the gears. Last time I had a bike it had three gears ... this one has 27 (9/3 configuration). I learned to drive a car with a manual gearbox so I understand the basic idea, but even a fancy car only has 5 gears (maybe 6). Dealing with 27 promises to be fun. In some of the gears I felt the gearing slip from time to time. I have no idea if this is my fault or the bike needs some sort of tuning. I am sure I will learn soon, or at least I sure hope I will learn soon.


Ilan Segev said...

This is so funny – it is the weirdest looking bike I have ever seen…and why red?!?!

Just kidding - I was inspired and bought myself a pair (regular looking and BLACK). So maybe I will able to join you for some (short) rides around Newton…

Anonymous said...

Bicycle drive trains have no clutch mechanism. As such they should, at no time, slip. Recumbents have notoriously long chains that require either idler or tensioner gears. These should prevent slippage of the chain at the rear cog. Operative word 'should'. Have the dealer check idler position. This is important, as a skipping chain pushed hard will snap a tooth off the rear gear.

Janet Zerlin Fagan said...

Wonderful Bike! I love it! It's great for the back. We so enjoyed hearing all the details about the ride at Shabbat dinner. Very impressed! I'm also enjoying reading all of this. Interesting connection to Mandy Patimkin. Thanks for sharing and being so terrific!

Janet Zerlin Fagan

Don Jones said...

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Don Jones