There are two kinds of cyclist ...

... those who have fallen, and those who will. (Thanks, Greg.)

I purchased a pair of black Sidi Dominator 5 Lorica Mountain Bike Shoes today in the sale at Wheelworks. This is the first stage towards clipless pedals. Mountain bike shoes have recessed cleats, so they are a little less like raised-front tap shoes than road bike shoes. However, despite everyone telling me that it is easy to get in and out of properly fitted clipless pedals, I expect to cross the boundary between those yet to fall, and those who have. Generally you want to take your foot out of the pedal when stopping, so such falls tend to be slow speed affairs - ungainly, but not much worse. However, with Greg's words ringing in my ears, I may buy cycling gloves as well! (If you fall, you throw your hands down instinctively, and are in danger of scrapes and cuts.)

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