Flushing Buffers

At the end of many a meeting (or in the middle of long ones), I get to hear various euphemisms as people rush to the restroom. In the high-tech world, there may be some self-amused comments about flushing buffers, especially when the rush to the restroom is to be followed by more to drink.

Advice to cyclists is always to "drink before you are thirsty" because thirst is a delayed reaction, and if you are thirsty you are already on the way to dehydration. Apparently I should be drinking a 22-33oz per hour. Being a conscientious type, I follow this advice, and then end up needing to flush my buffers every hour or so. This is as it should be according to the Hazon ride book, but not always convenient on the roads of Newton.

Hmm... was this really a VC:VC posting?

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