First post: The Past

Many years ago... I was eight or nine years old... I used to visit my friend who lived just round the corner. I would ride my bike out of our driveway, turning right onto Temple Road in Dorridge (near Solihull, of Jasper Carrot fame, in turn near Birmingham in the English midlands). I would ride less than 100 yards and then turn left and ride up Knowle Wood Road the same distance before turning into Foxbury Drive, where my friend lived.

I do remember one such ride in particular. It was the one where I fell off my bike just at the end of Temple Road. No-one was seriously hurt, in fact I was the only one around ... but I do remember it. Ouch.

In the following years I was a utilitarian bike rider. I would ride to see my friends and ride with my friends (to the special hide-out in the woods, I recall). Then, when I was 12, we moved to London, and I stopped riding my bike and started riding the bus and the tube.

Fast forward thirty something years ... I am about to start riding a bike again. Being a cerebral type I am going to wear a helmet (to protect my cerebral parts), and I am going to write a blog about it.

Why a bike? Why a blog? Stay tuned.

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MikeL28 said...

Looking forward to the next issue.