More on Google numbers

In a recent post, I suggested you find your Google number (search for your name on Google, and look for the number of the first entry that refers to you, as opposed to others with your name).

A couple of friends noted that the entire first page of results is about them.

Here are some further ego-surfing suggestions.
  1. What is your Google sur-number? Search against just your surname to see where you show up.
  2. What is your Google job-number? Search against your job title. This is a tough one. George Bush (searching "President") has a Google job-number of 1. It is cheating to put your company name. Few people have good Google job-numbers.
  3. What is your Google subject-number? Search against a specific subject. For example, Brad Feld has a Google subject-number of 5 for the subject vc blog.

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