Paved with good intentions

The road to hell is paved with good intentions (*). More to the point, I think the road to good intentions is paved with hills. The road back to my house, from any direction, is badly paved (New England pot holes - yeuch), and, to the point, the road back to my house, from any direction, is uphill. Even worse (better?), to get to my current favorite ride, I have to start uphill as well (the local topography is complicated, but this really is true). This makes for a fun prelude and finale to any ride I might take which starts and ends at home.

This morning I went out for a ride on my trusty Strada (I think I may need to name it ... suggestions anyone?). I rode up the length of Heartbreak Hill (~15 minutes) and drafted back down (~5 minutes).

After working up a sweat in the muggy Newton morning, and enjoying the easy ride back down Heartbreak Hill, I then had my few final minutes of punishment riding back up the hill home. Luckily the area is quiet since I cannot control the bike as well as I should when going very slowly (which is what happens going uphill). I need to work out the right pacing for myself in such situations; higher gear equals better control but harder work.

As I was thinking about the gear slippage (which was worse this morning), I remembered Scott showing me the special nut to turn to tighten the control cable. I did that, and magically the gears stopped slipping.

The fact I accomplished the ride I planned (up the hill and back), and fixed the gear slippage - well what more can a rider wish for on his first day on a new bike.

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Too many "to the points", I know!