"No matter how much fashion experience you have in the clothing world, even the best of us are at a loss when it comes to adding spunk and pizzazz with accessories." (Thanks, Buzzle.)

This sage comment seems to apply to bikes, as well, to say nothing of their riders.

When I picked up my bike at Wheelworks last week, I arrived with a list of items that I wanted to ask about. Helmet, of course. Reflector, of course. Bike rack for car (Volvos do not fit on the back of any recumbent). Bag, maybe. Lock, probably. Pump, patch kit, spare inner tubes, tire levers... spare bike?!

Here is the list and the outcome:

  • Helmet: Giro Monza (White)
  • Bike Rack: Allen Deluxe Trunk Mounted 2-Bike Carrier
  • Bag: "Big Bag" from Bacchetta
  • Pump: Topeak Road Morph Bicycle Pump (with built-in gauge)
  • Mirror: Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mirror , Round, Black 109519
  • Lock: chain lock? U lock with wheel locks? cable lock? eek! too much choice (see Barry Schwartz's "The Paradox of Choice", a fabulous read) ... no lock (yet) ... meanwhile, don't leave bike out unattended
  • Gloves: Jason said I need gloves... Scott said I didn't ... no gloves
  • Reflector: yes, itty bitty standard reflector in front; bag has one in back
  • Emergency repairs: spare inner tubes, check; patch kit, check; tire levers, check.
  • Fancy lycra spandex bike outfit to make me look fit and trim: the emperor is wearing them right now ... perhaps later
  • Amazing cool looking cycling sunglasses: won't fit over my middle-age spectacles ... perhaps over-glasses
  • Hydration system: formerly known as water bottle ... now check out Camelbak ... the 100oz UnBottle is still on the list to go in my "Big Bag"
  • Lubricants/cleaners for all those sprockety things: Scott says no need to worry for a few months
  • GPS/Exercise tracking thingy: checking out the Garmin Edge 205 or 305
  • Clipless pedals and associated shoes: not until I can ride without falling over

I know that tire levers and spare inner-tubes are somehow related. I wonder if AAA will change a bike tire?

Well, all you bike riders. What did I purchase unnecessarily or forget to even think about?

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