Food for bikes

Bikes don't actually need food, but bike riders do.

I decided to compare some of the nutrition bars that are out there (no more than one a day). Mostly this is about whether I like the bar; I assume they all provide more-or-less the same nutrition. I welcome comments about what I should be eating (and when) on bike rides (especially long ones). As you can see, I am a chocaholic (I like Cadbury's milk chocolate and most dark chocolates). Here are the first three bars rated. Look for additional reviews as I chomp my way through others. This article should be taken with a good drink of water.

First I tried the Solo Chocolate Charger “low glycemic nutrition bar”.
First bite: yummy, very chocolatey, a little chewy
Last bite: yummy, rich, medium workout but not jaw breaking
Nutrition info: 200 cal, 60 from fat. 7g=10% fat, 3g=14% sat fat. 26g carb 4g fiber. 11g protein. 120mg sodium.
Overall points out of 5: 4

Second I tried the Pria Double Chocolate Cookie bar (from PowerBar).
First bite: crunchy, good chocolate taste
Last bite: excellent – not too chewy – nice crunch
Nutrition info: 110 cal, 25 from fat. 3g=5% fat, 2.5g=13% sat fat. 16g carb 1g fiber. 5g protein. 100mg sodium.
Overall points: 5

Next was the awful GoLean Malted Chocolate Crisp bar (from Kashi).
First bite: OMG, what kind of concrete is this
Last bite: chocolate is cloying, no malted taste, jaw is tired out from effort
Nutrition info: 290 cal, 50 from fat. 6g=10% fat, 4g=20% sat fat. 49g carb 6g fiber. 13g protein. 200mg sodium.
Overall points: 0 (yes, zero)

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