Small Footprint, Big Shoes

My sister, Deborah Jay-Lewin, and her family live at Findhorn in the North of Scotland. Findhorn is a wonderful community, which we have visited on a couple of occasions. It is one of the longest established "new-age" communities in the world.

Findhorn and its residents are rightly proud of a recent study showing that they have the lowest ecological footprint ever recorded in the developed world – just half the UK national average.

An ecological footprint is a measure of the ecological resources required to support an activity, a person, a family or a community. Wikipedia has a helpful article (as usual) describing the concept. When any of us try to do something that is good for the environment (lower energy use, recycle materials etc), we are reducing our ecological footprint.

Hence the title of the posting: Small [ecological] Footprint, Big Shoes [for us all to fill]!

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