On the road again

I made it out for my second bike ride of 2007 yesterday (Sunday). I did my "regular" 11 mile training route from home up the Comm Ave carriage lane (Boston Marathon's famous Heartbreak Hill) to BC and then west to Route 16 and back home again. This was twice the distance of my first ride this spring last week. Although the ride itself was fine and fun, it became clear during the evening that I was exhausted. The great thing about my recumbent bike is that hard rides don't result in aches or pains ... just stiff muscles and general tiredness. Hannah and I plan to be in much better shape for this ride, and I am enjoying the thought that I am going through the early training pain in April and May (not July and August, as last year).

Several friends are already signed up to do the Hazon NY ride with Hannah and I this year ... and several more are still considering it. Let me know if you are interested and have any questions about the ride. Now is the time to make up your mind ... my guess is by the end of May registration may be getting full.

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