Regular readers will have noticed a hiatus over the last couple of weeks. We just came back from a marvellous family vacation in Israel over Passover. More on that over the next few posts.

Meanwhile, I found another VC to add to Venture Capital and Venture Cycling ...

Just last week we were sitting with old and new friends on the deck of Sara and Cecil on Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava. As might be expected, the conversation turned to "what do you do" and when I was asked I said "venture capital". I must have spoken quietly because Cecil said "veggie capital?", and someone else said "yes, that's what I heard".

Veggie Capital ... what a great addition to my VC collection (having given up on a Victoria Cross a long time ago). In so far as Hazon's main programs are currently focused on bikes and food, this would be an ideal counterpart to my Venture Cycling. Watch out for future Veggie Capital posts.

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