Orthodox Paradox

I was chatting with my friend Paul Gompers this morning and he mentioned the Noah Feldman article in the NY Times Magazine from a couple of weeks ago called "The Orthodox Paradox". The article starts on the basis of Feldman's treatment at the hands of his high school alumni department at our very own local Maimonides School, so I understand it is the subject of much discussion in our community -- I must have missed it because of our wonderful vacation.

I will not rehash it here - you can read it on the NY Times website ($$ subscription required) and read all about it elsewhere (Google "feldman orthodox paradox"). However I was struck by this to-the-point article on JTA's website which I think asks the right questions.

I am hoping that Yossi Abramowitz will weigh in as well on his Peoplehood.org site.

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Gregg said...

I think this reference is more to the point:

David Berger, “Jews, Gentiles, and the Modern Egalitarian Ethos: Some Tentative Thoughts” which appeared in Formulating Responses in an Egalitarian Age, ed. by Marc Stern, Lanham, 2005, pp. 83-108 (one of the volumes in the Orthodox Forum series).