Is a blog backlog a backblog?

We are just back from a fabulous vacation in the British Virgin Islands. This is not a usual time of year to visit the Carribean (hurricane season starts June 1) but we had an idyllic time there. Hannah (our 14 year-old) spent three weeks learning to sail on ActionQuest (check out her boat's log here). We met her shipmates and the ActionQuest crew when we picked her up last Tuesday ... she had a spectacular time. Then, as a reunited family, we spent the rest of the week going from beach to beach relaxing and having fun together.

The venture cycling content of our week was zero, although the very steep roads made us think of our bikes on every ascent and descent.

The venture capital content of our week was not quite zero - I met a high-tech entrepreneur turned resort owner who still dabbles in tech investing. I quite understand why he sees the BVI as an excellent place from which to invest!


Gregg said...


I thought that your blog was quiet because you were working!!!

Sue said...

Nice observation, thanks. I don’t visit your blog every day, but when I
visit your blog I enjoy browsing through your old posts and try to catch up
what I have missed since my last visit.