The Streets of Newton

I spent a very pleasant hour on the streets of Newton this morning, on my regular carriage lane 11 mile route. I am definitely stronger on hills, and hoping this will translate well on the Hazon ride (unlike last year).

There is one stretch of the Carriage Lane (between BC and Hammond Street) which really needs repaving. It reminded me of my idea (which you are welcome to steal) for a website which would allow people to photograph potholes and add them to a map mashup so others know the locations. Add to this the opportunity to tell the Dept of Public Works about all potholes as soon as they are first spotted, and it takes away the City's defense "we didn't know about it". Apparently they (at least the City of Newton) will pay for vehicle repairs related to potholes and the like if they knew about the pothole ahead of time.

On this note, I just found another wonderful Newton blog: Newton Streets and Sidewalks. This is written by Sean Roche, someone we have known for years, but it was only when I saw his name in the local paper did I realize this blog existed. Perhaps Sean will take my potholes website idea and run with it (at least for Newton).

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