From year to year

This time last year (the Tuesday before the Hazon NY ride) I was worrying about the weather: a tropical storm was due over the route at exactly the wrong time. This year, the weather looks wonderful for both ride days (70's, 80's).

This time last year I had ridden 380 miles during my training. This year, I have ridden 530 miles so far, including a wonderful 40 mile Lincoln/Concord ride with Guy Sapirstein and Jason Glasgow on Sunday morning (at a personal best speed of 14 mph moving average).

Last year the Hazon NY ride route on the second day involved a well known miserable set of hills. This year it the second day route is mostly on a rail trail (grades of 2% or so).

Last year I helped Hannah with her fundraising (or did most of it for her). This year she has raised $2000 or more without any help from me.

Last year I was on track to raise about $6,000 for my favorite cause. This year I still have hopes of getting to $10,000. Please help out if you have not already done so - I am down to the wire.

Last year we knew very few of the participants ahead of time. This year we look forward to meeting friends from last year and are thrilled to be bringing a whole team of friends from Boston.

Life as a venture cyclist has its ups and downs. Right now it feels like there are many more ups than downs!

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